“From small dreams, great realities are born”

For over 45 years, we have been committed to product quality, which has evolved over time alongside industrial technological innovations. From a small workshop, Colonnelli 2.0 has grown into one of the industry-leading entities in third-party luxury bag production.


Company Establishment

Antonio and Erminia Colonnelli decided to open a small family-run artisanal workshop in the heart of the historic stairway of Colonnella, where they produced linings and semi-finished products for high-quality bags.


Industrial Development

Riccardo Colonnelli took the helm of the company with a clear vision: to invest in industrialization and artisanal quality, valuing the local know-how. Through the progressive implementation of new technologies, the company became capable of managing and coordinating the entire bag production process.


Colonnelli Group

The operational holding company Colonnelli Group srl was founded with the goal of bringing together all production companies – Colonnelli 2.0 srl, Masmara srl, CM srl – under a single ownership and management, creating the foundation for significant future investments.

macchina ricamo trapuntato Colonnelli 2.0


macchina ricamo trapuntato Colonnelli 2.0

Leading Entity

All production companies will be united under a single, highly technological facility spanning 15,000 square meters. Colonnelli will increasingly be a leading entity in luxury bag production and a strategic partner for the world’s most important global brands.

Colonnelli 2.0


“Where Industry meets Handcraft”